The New Interface Version Testing Days | Vote Your Experience

What’s happening!?

We’re currently working on a newer version of Square Portal and testing the new interface for a day or two. Then the old Square Portal will be back! When planning to improve the overall experience, we felt that the primary desktop version is pretty great already, and it will be getting even better with little tweaks. However, this time the major update will be focusing on the mobile version and it will be affecting to the whole site’s layout for a short while.

The new mobile version will be more visual yet simpler, making it to fit and look better on almost every device. We’re adding there great features like the infinite scrolling (wow), which will making the reading experience more fluent and easier. This time less is more: everything is hid behind the menu button and with just one click the latest comments, the trending topics or the tweets become visible. We hope that you enjoy viewing our site on your smartphones, and if you feel like sharing some feedback, don’t hesitate to post a comment. The site may be a bit heavy at the moment, because the layout is still using the high resolution featured images from the main look, but the final version will be all smooth and sleek.

Previously, we planned even bringing an official app to the iOS, Android and Windows phones. For a while, we were developing the Windows phone app, but it got cancelled because we wanted to focus on improving the site itself. In the future, which we are seeing, all websites will be turning into apps and won’t be remaining the way they are now. Imagine that there are no separate downloads from the app stores or constant refreshing for the latests news – everything is set by bookmarking or adding the site to your home menu and you are ready to go. The site could be viewed even offline and you could save your favorite articles for a long flight, for example. That’s what we are dreaming and planning to do. Not now, but perhaps in the future.

Below you can answer to our little survey. Thank you for consideration and helping us to improve the site!

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  1. I really like the new intergalactic theme even for the desktop version. This site looks amazing! Thanks for the hard work you put in to making this the best Square-Enix site on the internet.

  2. Please give an option to auto-hide the menu after scrolling down. Also a manual snap back button since I’d like to close the menu without scrolling back to the top of the page.

  3. No worries! The old site will be back on Wednesday. This new look is mainly for the mobile devices and we’re testing it now. The desktop version will remain like previously, but it will also receive some smaller updates. :)

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