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Clarification on Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Collector’s Edition Pre-Orders in Europe | The Nordic Retailers Revealed

Update: More retailers have opened their pre-orders:, CDON is accepting the pre-orders now too. It seems the Collector’s Edition is sold out on the Finnish Discshop, though. Keep your eyes on your country’s tech/entertainment/games retailers and hit the comments section to let other know, if you find out a retailer selling the CE!

Update: is selling the collector’s edition now too!

There has been confusion with the availability of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Collector’s Edition in Europe, which is why we decided to clarify the situation. The collector’s edition will be available on Square Enix Stores in United Kingdom and France. This has made many people think that Square Enix only sees those countries as the “Europe”, which certainly isn’t the situation. For other European countries, we are now re-confirming that the collector’s edition will be available on the various select retailers, which change depending on your location. Hint: Keep your eyes on the most popular retailers in your country!

We contacted Bandai Nacmo Nordic Partners to get more details about the availability of the collector’s edition in the European countries and they confirmed us the Swedish, Finnish, Dannish and Norwegian retailers. Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Collector’s Edition will be available through CDON, Webhallen, Gamestop and Discshop.

The collector’s edition is very limited and we were told that once the first print is gone there isn’t more coming. So, keep your eyes on different stores and retailers, if this edition is a total must-have to you!

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  1. I just had a flash of extreme luck. Yesterday I was able to order it from Just a few hours later it was again unavailable. So, I hope they don’t cancel it. This edition soon became about its distribution than its actual content…such a shame they ignore certain areas because I had a second confirmation that it will not be available with my local retailer.

  2. It might be sold out on amazon (, while I was sleeping or in just a few minutes. Maybe the upgrade from Limited to Collector’s Edition for those who had a order was already enough to stop it being sold.

    Anyway, still no news for Belgium I see…my only chance thus far was

    • I think actually ships there too if you don’t find any other retailers from your region. However, I’m pretty confident some stores in your region are selling them too! Check out the games store websites etc. :)

      • According to a friend doesn’t accept PayPal or my normal card (not a credit card, while does accept my normal card). They ordered and needed a credit card, which clearly I do not have. I really hope you are right. At the moment none of the big retail stores I know sell it. And the most known to me is active in both Belgium and The Netherlands and I had confirmation from them that the Collector’s Edition will not be available through them.

        Do you know anything about it being confirmed for

    • As Johnny said above and in the post, “Keep eyes on different kind of entertainment/tech/games retailers. Pre-orders are opening soon. :)” :P

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