All New Final Fantasy XV Details From Jump Festa 2015

Square Enix has released a new breathtaking Final Fantasy XV trailer to celebrate the opening of Jump Festa 2015. It features a first look at new features, characters, music and locations. Watch the Jump Festa 2015 trailer above and after that you are ready to dive in our “Active Time Report II” recap. Remember that the exclusive playable demo of Final Fantasy XV, titled FINAL FANTASY XV -EPISODE DUSCAE-, will be available with purchases of the upcoming Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, only while stocks last. You can find pre-order links in the end of this article.

Dual Audio

This is great news for fans who prefer the Japanese voice acting over the English one. The producer Hajime Tabata confirmed that the Final Fantasy XV demo will have dual audio during the second Active Time Report. The team is currently working to include the dual audio feature in the full version of the game as well, but they couldn’t promise it yet. It looks fairly positive though.

Another Final Fantasy XV Demo Coming

Hajime Tabata apologized the confusion behind the Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae announcements. At first, he announced that the playable demo would be included in every Final Fantasy Type-0 HD copy, but then their plans changed and Square Enix decided to only include the demo in the first print edition of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. As an apology, Tabata-san told that they are planning a free demo for everyone. It will be set in the same location as “The Overture”  tech demo and they are creating an extended version of it. However, the plans aren’t finalized yet and this demo won’t be arriving before Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae.

Live Demo / Meeting Cindy / Exploring the Town

During the event, they showed two live demos for the audience. In the first one, the cast meets a new female character, Cindy, who is a mechanic. Cindy doesn’t have big role in the story, but she will be offering her support and assist during your journey. Another demo focused on exploring the town, which was premiered in the trailer. Instead of playing as Noctis, they decided to jump into the “dog mode” where they explored the town as a dog. The big town was still under construction and there wasn’t any NPCs walking around. For our surprise, they revealed it’s not even the biggest town in the game.


Attack to Insomnia!

In the beginning of the trailer, you can see enemy airships attacking a city known as “Insominia”. It’s one of the capital cities in Final Fantasy XV and Noctis’ hometown. If you examine the picture carefully, you can see that it looks like the city from the very first Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailers!

Let’s Go to Road Trip – Everywhere! Seamlessly! 

Traveling will be a seamless experience in Final Fantasy XV. You can go and visit any location without seeing the loading screen during your gameplay session. Tabata mentions that this feature isn’t completely working at the moment, but he promises that they will make it work. Are you getting tired of driving all day along? Why not pick up a train and go to shopping and visit fancy restaurants in the another city? It’s possible too.

As mentioned earlier, camping is an important mechanic in the game. Without sleeping your characters will become weaker and won’t perform well in the battles. Now they have also revealed that leveling up happens by camping. A day in Final Fantasy XV lasts about 60 minutes and since Noctis is a handsome young man, he can stay up three days in row.

Cor Returns with Eidolons!

Remember Cor? Good. He won’t be traveling with the gang that much, but he will be joining your party time to time. Like in the Final Fantasy XIII saga, summons will be called eidolons. The development team first planned to include the Titan eidolon in the demo, but since he got deeply involved into the story, they had to cut him away. However, there will be eidolons in the demo.

The End

That’s all new details! I hope you enjoyed reading the article and viewing these screenshots and trailers. You can expect more Final Fantasy XV details soon since many Japanese news sites are very likely interviewing the producer Hajime Tabata at the event. As usual, we will be sharing the latest news with you! Don’t forget that the Final Fantasy XV demo will be only included in the Final Fantasy Type-0 HD first print edition, limited edition and collector’s edition. If you want to make sure you get the demo, pre-order the game!



PlayStation 4 –

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Standard Edition
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD FR4ME Edition
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Collector’s Edition

Xbox One –

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Standard Edition
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD FR4ME Edition
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Collector’s Edition


PlayStation 4 –

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Standard Edition
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Collector’s Edition

Xbox One –

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Standard Edition
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Collector’s Edition

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  1. Did anyone else notice that the soldiers during the fighting sequence had green skin and some of them seemed to be augmented or robots. A soldier was summoning a machine gun from his arm… That looks rad! I wonder how they are connected to the story – I mean is it some illegal thing an enemy army uses and that’s why the characters are green?

    Overall, thanks for all the details – I am so excited about the demo! And great to see them giving away a free demo for people who can’t currently afford the Episode Duecae. The trailer itself looks amazing – I can’t believe the visuals – the character animations are great, how the clothes react to wind and how detailed the environments are. Lighting is on point and Yoko Shimomura just keeps impressing me with her composing work. The size of the summons is just over the top and I can’t wait to fight Levianthan and Titan…

    Do you guys think the snowy part was related to Shiva battle!? Damn, I can’t wait to see her in Final Fantasy XV!

  2. Everytime i see a new trailer – i’m just reminded of how incredibly detailed this game is :u
    They pay a lot of attention to the smaller things – trying to make that city look as real as possible – it’s great!
    As for that Titan – my god it’s huge :0 – it reminds me of Atlas (how he holds up the Earth on his shoulders) – since he’s holding up that giant Crystal it seems
    It will blow my mind though if Alexander is in the game – he’s the biggest Summon – if the Titan is that big – Alex has to be bigger haha

    • Haha, yeah! I accidentally misspelled his name when I was writing the article. Anyway, thank you for pointing it out! It has been a long day and now it’s time for me to go sleep ;)

        • I think the savest bet is 2016 – They can surprise us with the late 2015 release but it would make me worried that they are rushing the game. Now they have to be patient and polish it to the fullest. Also the new Tomb Raider is arriving Holiday 2015 – not expecting them to release two blockbuster games at the same time.

      • In the japanese trailer she calls herself Cidney, and I’m pretty sure they’d carry that onto the english trailer as an allusion to the recurring ‘Cid.’

        • I’m sad to cause a little disappointment, but if you watched the official English and French trailers, she clearly calls herself “Cindy” – even in the official subtitles. Her name is indeed Cidney in the Japanese version, but Square Enix translators decided to call her “Cindy” in the English version. Watch the trailer again and you will see and hear this.

          In my opinion character names should remain the same as in the Japanese version, but since the official English translation by Square Enix says her name is Cindy, I can’t say anything to that but follow their naming.

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