Square Enix President Promises New Blockbuster Title Announcements & Releases in 2015



Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda has published “A New Year’s Letter from President” where he discusses about Square Enix and how their 2014: the company started to use new business models, advanced network infrastructures and focussed on cloud gaming. He also talks about enriching the company’s content by publishing brand new experiences for the customers and expanding their content to emerge new regions such as China. In 2014, they experimented more in the mobile game market and were able to generate big successes such as “SchoolGirl Strikers” and “Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light”.

For 2015, Matsuda teases that Square Enix will be announcing and releasing new blockbuster titles in 2015. They are also looking forward to put more effort into cloud gaming and digital sales. You can read the full letter here.



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