Final Fantasy Type-0

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Original Soundtrack – UTAKATA (The Final Trailer Theme)


If you haven’t already watched the final trailer of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, you should do it now! The final trailer theme is known as “Utakata” and it is one of the brand new tracks from the game’s remastered soundtrack. Today, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD composer Takeharu Ishimoto uploaded the song to his official Soundcloud account for the fans to enjoy.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Original Soundtrack (Blu-Ray) will be released on March 25 in Japan.

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  1. Ye Goddess, this is such a powerful track. Not as overpoweringly epic as other elements of Type-0’s soundtrack, but still potent. Hearing this as Izana broke down into tears and his chocobo howled at the sky had me almost in tears. I can tell that this game will make me weep more than Nausicaa and Lightning Returns did (yes, I did shed tears more than once when I had gone through the whole story and seen the ending, speaking as someone who followed the entire narrative books included).

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