North American Release Date and Collector’s Edition Announced for Bravely Second


Square Enix and Nintendo have announced that Bravely Second: End Layer demo will be available on e-shop starting February 11 in Europe. (Soon in North America too!) The full version of the highly anticipated 3DS-exclusive role-playing game will be releasing on February 26, 2016 in Europe and April 15, 2016 in North America.

The North American Collector’s Edition includes the game, a 10-song original soundtrack and gorgeous 250-page deluxe artbook.

Bravely Second takes place a few years after bringing peace to Luxendarc. Agnes Oblige has become the newly inaugurated Pope of the Crystal Orthodoxy and works to bring peace between Eternia and Crystal Orthodoxy. The dream of peace is soon shattered when she gets kidnapped by Kaiser Oblivion – right before she was meant to participate in the peace treaty ceremony. The future which once seemed certain is now in danger. This is where Magnolia Arch, Yew Geneolgia, Janne Angard and Nikolai Nikolanikov step in! There will be returning heroes as well; Edea Lee and Tiz Arrior are assisting the new heroes during their dangerous journey.

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