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New Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.3 Screenshots: Hildibrand, Anima Weapons, Palace of the Dead and More!

Square Enix has shared some final details and screenshots from Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.3 “Revenge of the Horde” before its release on June 7, 2016!


Those who frequent one of Eorzea’s many crowded pubs may have heard tell of a certain master thief, in whose long and illustrious career were left countless collectors cursing the gods for their misfortune. Amusing as the stories often are, most dismiss them as cautionary tales, mere parables against material greed. But if there is a kernel of truth in them─if indeed there was a thief who filled an ancient aquapolis with unimaginable wealth─then perhaps the map you hold will lead you there…

Entering the Aquapolis
Players will have the chance to transport themselves and any nearby party members to the Aquapolis by opening treasure chests located using dragonskin treasure maps. Upon opening these chests, should players either encounter a server error or be unable to enter within the specified time limit due to instances being fully occupied, they will receive the master thief’s map. Players with the master thief’s map in their possession will be able to summon a teleportation ward by using the general action Dig near the area indicated on the map.


Progressing through the Aquapolis
Treasure chests located in the Aquapolis are armed with traps, which, when triggered, will release enemies from their cages. Upon defeating them, the player who used the dragonskin treasure map will be able to open the treasure chest and retrieve the reward and a Vault Key within.

The Vault Key can be used to open one of the two available doors. Should your party be lucky enough to choose the correct one, you will be allowed to progress on to subsequent chambers, and eventually fight your way to the final chamber. Players will be removed from the Aquapolis should they choose the wrong door, or all party members are incapacitated in battle.

Monsters will appear in three waves. By defeating them, players will be allowed the opportunity to progress to the next chamber. There are three tiers of rewards in the Aquapolis. Chambers one through three contain the lowest tier of rewards, chambers four through six the second tier, and the final chamber contains the highest tier of rewards. Players will also be granted rewards of a higher grade upon defeating rare enemies that appear.

Level Requirement No level requirement (Disciple of War or Magic only)
* Players are free to change jobs inside the Aquapolis. (Disciples of War or Magic only)
Item Level Requirement
Item Level Sync Item level 180
Party Size Eight players
Time Limit 60 minutes

Anima Weapons

Though it is only a matter of time before the anima fully develops, Ardashir believes he can hasten the process. To that end, he voyages to Idyllshire in search of an acquaintance, one Ulan. A fellow researcher and enthusiast of all creatures arcane, she has devoted her life to their study and methods by which they can be enhanced. Could her work be the key to unlocking the anima’s potential?

Side Story Quests – Further Hildibrand Adventures

Inspector’s Log: As invigorating as my sojourn in the skies above was, full glad I am to be back on terra firma. Of course, the landing left much to be desired─as did my father’s overzealous efforts to pluck me from the snow─but in painful circumstance did we enjoy encounters serendipitous and strange. A good and true Gentle Dead Man, far removed from the sands of Ul’dah, and Gigi, a precocious young lad seemingly bereft of all memories. Some might dismiss these events as the mere whims of fate, but I say, if these be not the beginnings of a spectacular case, then my name is not Hildibrand Helidor Maximilian Manderville!

The Fields of Glory (Shatter)

Under the influence of the lesser moon Dalamud, Nael van Darnus, legatus of the VIIth Legion, sought out and unearthed Allagan ruins in the eastern highlands of Coerthas. Aided by the knowledge contained therein, he raised the very earth unto the heavens, and from this lofty perch did the White Raven nearly orchestrate the destruction of Eorzea.
The remnants of that mad plan still litter the frozen highlands, as well as other ancient artifacts now laid bare. Though the powers that be are in agreement that Nael’s data must be secured, they remain divided on the subject of how best to administer the region, which has prompted them to invoke the same laws which transformed Carteneau and Seal Rock into a battlefield. Where words fail, weapons speak.


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Palace of the Dead

In the subterranean city of Gelmorra, deep within a forgotten corner of Issom-Har, stout-hearted explorers have uncovered the entrance to a labyrinthine dungeon. Those who set foot inside its maddening halls find their vigor drained by an irresistible fog of innervation, and repeated excursions have failed to map its seemingly inconstant architecture. After hearing chilling accounts of spectral denizens, locals took to whispering of a “Palace of the Dead,” and the Wood Wailers now seek the assistance of adventurers in laying bare its haunted secrets…

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