Listen to “NOCTIS” from Final Fantasy XV Soundtrack


On September 7, Square Enix held a special Final Fantasy XV live performance by the London Philharmonic Orchestra and Final Fantasy XV composer Yoko Shimomura. During the hour-long concert, the London Philharmonic Orchestra performed live renditions of songs from the Final Fantasy XV soundtrack, including previously unheard music from the game. Yoko Shimomura also offered further insight into the recording of the game’s soundtrack alongside her own commentary of the songs.

The full concert is now available on YouTube!

Yoko Shimomura describes Noctis theme with following words:

“There might be a number of people who are be a bit surprised of what I have chosen for Noctis’ theme because it’s very soft and melodious piece. All I am really trying to show through this piece is the weight of destiny on character Noctis’ shoulders, his internal monologue, his real deep feelings about the situation he is in. So, I purposely went with something that wasn’t too hard or high temper or upbeat – I really wanted you to feel the emotional resonance in the song.”

Full Tracklist

#1 Songs of the Stars / Dawn
#2 Fight Fantastica
#3 Nox Aeterna
#4 Luna
#5 End of the Road
#6 Wonderful View
#7 Starlit Waltz
#8 Noctis
#9 Omnis Lacrima
#10 Veiled Aggression
#11 Somnus
#12 Apocalypsis Noctis