New Final Fantasy XV Weapons Revealed: Guns, Chainsaws and Shockwave Blaster

Famitsu has shared new screenshots from Final Fantasy XV, revealing new weapons for Noctis to use in the battlefield.

In the latest screenshots, you can see Noctis who’s equipped with a pistol, a sniper riffle and other types of guns. The gameplay will change depending on the gun you are using, for example, long range riffles will allow you to enter sniper mode to aim and shoot at the enemies from a distance.

Other new weapons are categorised as Machinery: they include deadly tools like a a chainsaw that lets Noctis to swing through enemies and deal slashing damage, and a “shockwave blaster” that allows him to attack by using powerful shockwaves.

You can expect more details when the English screenshots, including official naming for weapons, come available on a later date. Final Fantasy XV is scheduled for release on November 29, 2016.