NieR: Automata Demo in the Works


Are you getting excited about the upcoming NieR game and looking forward to get a hands-on experience as soon as possible? We have some good news for you – that will be possible later this year when Square Enix releases a playable demo for NieR: Automata!

Alongside confirming the upcoming demo, Square Enix showed new footage at Tokyo Game Show 2016. The new gameplay video introduces the high score / time attack mode where the players can compete against each other and see who gets the most points before the time runs out. The mode is still in the works, so you might notice that some visuals are placeholders, for now. The demo is releasing at the end of 2016. Watch the gameplay clip to see what’s coming!

NieR: Automata (PS4, PC) is scheduled for release in Japan on February 23 and early 2017 in Europe and North America.

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