Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Expansion Announced | Coming Early Summer 2017


At Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest 2016 in Las Vegas, Square Enix has announced that the new expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, titled as Stormblood, will be releasing in early Summer 2017 worlwide. The new expansion takes the players to explore Ala Mhigo and new areas in it. You can expect new jobs, higher level cap, dungeons, primals, new exploration area “Eureka”, 24-man alliance raids, high end raids, 4th housing area, relic questline and much more coming with this new expansion.

Minimum requirements will be risen on PC and PlayStation 3 support ended as well. All PlayStation 3 users will get a free upgrade to PlayStation 4 version on a later date. More details coming soon!

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