Final Fantasy

Exosuits Coming to Final Fantasy XV in February

Power Rangers! Exosuits!

The first sneak peek at some of the upcoming DLC for Final Fantasy XV was showcased today at Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Opening Ceremony in Tokyo with Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus releasing on March 28, 2017. However,  Final Fantasy XV Booster Pack (Free Version) and Booster Pack + are scheduled for release on 21st February, and will be available for all players and Season Pass holders. The content will include powerful items such as the invincible outfit, “Magitek Exosuit” that give players special stats during fights, and of course, nicely tight futuristic looks!

Final Fantasy XV is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The players can currently download Holiday Packs for the game and experience the The Moogle Chocobo Carnival for limited time.

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