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This Is How Final Fantasy Type-0: “Reaper of the Icy Blade” Vol. 1-5 Cover Arts Look Like

  The release of Final Fantasy Agito will be happening in Japan next month. It will be a free-to-play smartphone-only title and it will be having some sort of microtransactions.  Square Enix has already announced  “pre-DLC” for the game, that can be acquired from the pre-registration site or […]

Introducing Final Fantasy Agito & TGS13 Gameplay

Final Fantasy Agito is an upcoming free-to-play video game for Android and iOS platforms. The game is based in the same world as Final Fantasy Type-0 but isn’t really a sequel or prequel. The developers have stated that it’s more like a “reimagination” with the same world and characters. The game allows players […]