Final Fantasy

Check Out These Amazing Official Final Fantasy Type-0 Manga Artworks | Wallpapers

For a some time, Square Enix has been publishing a Final Fantasy Type-0 manga series in Japan. The manga has the same characters and locations as the game itself. Now, to celebrate the fifth volume, Square Enix Japan has shared five pretty amazing manga artworks which work perfectly as wallpapers as well! Earlier today, Square Enix Japan announced with a new trailer that Final Fantasy Agito will be out in May in Japan.

Remember to take part of our Final Fantasy Type-0 voting! Would you like to see a HD Remaster for the game?

Which one is your favorite? Would you order Final Fantasy Type-0 manga boooks if Square Enix released them here in the West as well? 


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  1. Ooooh – didnt know they did a Manga for the Type-0 – will have to check it out! :)
    Theyre all pretty cool^ – but i really like the one at the top and bottom!
    Speaking of FF Manga – Ive read the one for FF12 – it ended not that long ago (last month i think it was) – was an interesting read although some scenes are quite different/filler was added in (mainly to expand the plot) – the Manga actually got cancelled i heard so it didnt get far into the story – ended when the Shiva exploded – for this Manga though its best to have played the game first or have enough knowledge about it – the way it finished was completely different to what happened in game – overall though a satisfying read if youre a fan of 12 :)

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