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Voting: Would You Like to See a HD Remaster for Final Fantasy Type-0?

Before talking about Final Fantasy Type-0, let’s have a look at the previous poll results. If the readers of Square Portal were to decide, Final Fantasy XII HD Remaster would see daylight. The poll received over 1700 votes, 84.63% (1454) saying yes and 15.37%  (264 votes) no. Thank you all who voted!

Recently, the president of Square Enix, Yosoke Matsuda, commented on Nikkei Weekly that Square Enix is trying to become more open-minded when it comes to releasing heavy JRPGs in West. We bet that many people immediately thought about one thing – What’s the fate of Final Fantasy Type-0?

Let’s see the facts: PSP is pretty much done and PSVita market isn’t doing as strongly as 3DS. So, what do options we have left? Well, there is quite a big console base of PlayStation 3s! Perhaps Square Enix could release the game for Vita and PS3 just like they did with Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster? Another issue is: Is there really that much demand for the game? What do you think?


Not an actual product/cover – SQPR Edit.

This is why we are asking from you: Would You Like to See A HD Remaster for Final Fantasy Type-0 [Instead of PSP release?] Vote and drop a comment to the comments section. We are collecting a data pack which will be sent to SE, so all things posted to this news will be counted as important stuff!

Here is a teaser of the Final Fantasy Type-0 Fan Translation Project where fans are actually making an unofficial translation for the game since they didn’t want to wait Square Enix actions any longer. According to the video the release date for the patch is set to August 8th, 2014.

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  1. Moto moto moto hill yeah sugoi game and I want it :hooray: My hand can’t stop while looking at it. It’s cool . It somehow reminds me of FF8, so I want it.

  2. Since Tabata confirmed that the title would remain portable, I am quite sure that it will come to Vita. The reason it didn’t come west was because of flagging PSP sales. A real shame. It has one of the most emotional stories I have ever seen in a game. It could easily succeed without having “Final Fantasy” in its title.

  3. Type-0 looks to be a really interesting game and I was gutted that it never made it over here. I was happy to hear a fan made translation of the game was coming out this year if all goes well but if square makes a HD remake then I would gladly buy it.

  4. It would be pretty cool if they did do a HD remaster of Type-0 – not only would it more likely to be released overseas (which we’ll finally be able to play) but if done for the PS3/4 – would look beautiful and amazing on the big screen :) – they could even add some extra stuff or extend the game if they move it to console (moving a handheld or an old game to a current gen console should free up alot of room on disc – seeing as they managed to squeeze on 2/3 games onto one disc for KH 1.5 Remix and FFX|X-2 HD)

  5. I’d like hd remastered for other “platform” like xbox and I wish a hd remaster for Final Fantasy VIII and IX too! Please!!! >w<

  6. I would like a version hd or not but only in psvita. The game is especific to be portable like a version of psp.

  7. The director said he wants to release it in the West… I’m really hoping their silence (or other things like FF Agito delay) means that they are hard at work on a HD port… It sounds like a very promising entry. Also, its world and lore look so extensive that playing it on a big screen would do it more justice.

  8. I really wish this would happen… I wanted that game for as long as i can remember hearing about it. The characters are unique and the plot looked so cool as well.. Plus the gameplay was a nice change for the usual ff gameplay for the handhelds… but i don’t think this will ever happen… a Western release would be so nice tho.. even if it was just an upscale to be bought in the PsStore.

  9. I feel like saying “Gee, I don’t know–can we get a regular translated Type-0 first?” While I agree that the PSP is pretty much done, the appeal of portable playing games near console capacity like Crisis Core and Dissidia never escapes my fancy. Therefore, I’d like to see Type-0 for the PSVita. But, since I’m dying for an official localized Type-0, no matter what console, I would vote [Yes].

  10. The lack of localization for Type-0 was a huge loss for me as I purchased my PSP hoping to see more games for it, specifically from SE. Now I have a Vita and I’m experiencing the sane thing (the choices do seem slightly better this time around though). I only think a Type-0 remaster would be necessary if they actually localize it this tine around. Come on SE, there is plenty of support outside of Japan.

  11. I think that the best thing would be to release this game as a HD Remaster or PS3/Vita, and I think it’s only right thing to do since we have already got one release from FNC mythology, and FFXV is on its way. Also fan translation project which I have been following for a while proves well how much people want this game. I think there is demand and this is nicely different FF title compared to others. Count me in!

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