VOTE: Which of these games you are mostly looking forward to play?

Which game did you choose? Why? Comment!

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  1. sleeping dogs looks awesome but tomb raider too both are looking good.

    waiting for versus is like waiting for aliens, we don’t know how they are or what are they going to do, or even if they will come.

  2. Because I want FF XIV on PS3 :), I Already ahce Final fantasy X for my ps2, versus seems like a kingdom hearts to me

  3. I’m looking forward to play Tomb Raider! I have always been a fan of Lara and the reboot seems to be interesting and something new without loosing the TR vibe. Let’s hope they will release some new artwork soon too! :33

    • I agree, Lara is still Lara, but younger, realistic and better, and the game looks better than other TR games! Too bad Capcom couldn’t do that with their DMC reboot, they’ve killed Dante and brought a whore instead!

  4. I’m really looking forward to play Final Fantasy Versus XIII. It’s been six- seven years since they announced it and I can’t stop waiting. By this time they have had lots of time to plan the game so it can’t be that bad? Right? The composer has had lots of time to think her masterpiece tracks so OST will be killer… At least I hope it is.

    Other game which I’m looking forward to play is Sleeping Dogs. Why? It looks cool and it’s something different from Square Enix.

    • Having a long time to plan something doesn’t automatically mean it’ll be good. Games looks pretty bad to me. But there’s no doubt the soundtrack will be awesome, Yoko always does great stuff (I rate her above Uematsu).

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