Square Enix CEO Wants to Show Final Fantasy Versus XIII When It Gives Players ‘This is Final Fantasy!’ feeling!

Today at FF25th Anniversary celebration opening in Shibuya, Yoichi Wada, the CEO of Square Enix, said: “When it (Final Fantasy Versus XIII) reaches the level where it gives you that nostalgic, “this is Final Fantasy!” feeling, I want to show it to everyone.”

What is this Final Fantasy feeling for you? Have the newest Final Fantasy games provided it to you? How or how not?



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  1. A lot of it has to do with the classic final fantasy themes. From the classic Title theme/crystal theme to the battle victory theme.

  2. Weird…. because to me looks like a western wanna be game.
    even the short demo Agnis Phylosophy looks more final fantasy.
    also its true, if i will have to trust in someone word it has to be from sakaguchi, he more than anyone knows what is the “final fantasy” feeling

  3. The Final Fantasy feeling is obviously different for every person, but for me it comes from the story, the characters and the setting. All of which Versus fails to capture due to the modern day setting. So far every numbered FF has had that feeling (even the ones I dislike) but Versus just looks so far off, with the gun turret and KH gameplay. I’ll always think of it as a mature Kingdom Hearts game before thinking of it as a Final Fantasy.

    • Forgot to say that over 6 years into development and it still doesn’t feel like Final Fantasy to them? not sounding too good.

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