Kingdom Hearts

New Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix Screenshots

kh_1.5-5Kingdom Heart 1.5 HD Remix is a remastered version of the first Kingdom Hearts and Chain of Memories. It also includes Kingdom Hearts 358/2, previously released for Nintendo DS, cutscenes upgraded to glorious HD time.

The Japanese edition of the game is scheduled for March 14, 2013 and will be exclusively released on Playstation 3. The western version still remains unannounced but one of the game’s voice actors ‘accidentally’ tweeted a photo from studio showing 358/2 footage – so it’s very likely that we will be seeing the western release for the game this year as well!


– Like we earlier said, KH:358/2 will be included as cutscenes which are updated to the HD time.

– The game experience will be more enjoyable and controls and such things are updated to nowaday’s standards.

– New content such Roxas Diary is telling more about the story of KH: 358/2 and characters.


– Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum… YES! The  trophy support will also be included in the game! (Get your controllers ready hunters!)

– There will be additional content like prenium theme for PS3!

– Cutscenes will include voice acting this time and there is over 3 hours of HD cutscenes! New scenes are included as well!

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    • Theres also a short video of him on youtube – doing a little bit of recording for 358/2 days – be sure to put headphones in or turn the volume down beforehand (youll see why in the video) :p

      • Haha I’ve seen it already! Luckily I saw all the comments on it warning people to put headphones on so I was saved from embarrassment! :-D

  1. Gorgeous! :D
    ehe – thank the lord for Jesse McCartney – for uploading that pic ;D
    Localisation is just around the corner :D
    Like the fact theyve added trophies – be fun to get :3

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