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Square Enix Promises Epic and Famous High Quality Games – Says Goodbye for Social Games

IwillbebackBack in 2012, Square Enix invested lots of money and time on social games, they released many different kinds of IPs – mainly free-to-play games for browsers and smartphones. Now the mobile division producer of the company, Takehiro Ando, has talked on his Famitsu blog about the future of Square Enix’s games.

kuvankaappaus-2013-1-8-kello-17-22-06.pngIn the “Goodbye Social Games” post, he talks about social games and states how they all seem to be almost the same. He admits that even Square Enix is guilty of this, and has dragged their own big franchises such Final Fantasy to make some easy and quick profit for the company.

Tomb-Raider_2012_06-04-12_002.jpg_600Ando states, while these social games have been entertaining Facebook users etc. the hardcore gamers, who play on handhelds (3Ds, PSVita..) and consoles, have been left alone. This is why Square Enix will be saying “Goodbye” for social games and focusing on “epic and famous” high quality games that provide more entertainment for a long time.



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  1. I agree with both of you here. I’m glad this means they’ll be focusing on Light and the other titles. :)

  2. As much as online gaming can b fun I have to admit there’s really no soul to it. So I can c why SE is trying to get back to the basics and cater to the many devoted fans. I think it’ll b a nice path for them to start again. Looking forward to more LR news (this probably means they r really focusing on making LR epic) =)

  3. Interesting….. – i was never up for social games – and the mobile that i have now cant support them – so i did always feel left out in that area – especially when a game comes out – only available for mobile – such as FF Brigade – always stuck to console and handheld gaming (with the occasional PC gaming too lol) – much easier to access and play the games im most interested in

    ”This is why Square Enix will be saying “Goodbye” for social games and focusing on “epic and famous” high quality games that provide more entertainment for a long time.”
    – so no more mobile games? or theyre just changing the type of games they are making for them?

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