Tomb Raider

Square Portal Presents: Tomb Raider – “Life Is A Challenge” Trailer

Kuvankaappaus 2013-3-6 kello 6.21.16I’m very happy to present my fourth Square Portal trailer and this time it is about Tomb Raider. The game was just released worldwide. Developed by Crystal Dynamics, it has received a huge bunch of positive reviews as well. To celebrate this success, we thought to make this a new trailer “Life Is A Challenge!”

And oh boy, it sure is! While experiencing hard time in my real life I haven’t really had enough time to work on this site. Life is a challenge but it also gives us weapons to survive. To survive we have to fight, solve mysteries of the life and find and be guiding lights for ourselves. If you don’t survive, none of us will. We go through life together, and even if there seems to be no hope left, we can always become survivors.

I really hope you all have great time with Tomb Raider and other games. Can’t wait to hear more about Square Enix’s other games that are behing released this year!


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