Square Enix Easter Eggs 2013 Edition

Happy Easter everyone!

As you may know, in some countries it’s a tradition to hunt the hidden Easter Eggs. This has inspired us with today’s article which will be about Easter Eggs that are hidden in the games. They are often very challenging to find but funny and sometimes very meaningful to the developers. This article may include some small spoilers but nothing seriously big!


This is maybe one of the hardest easter eggs to find from Final Fantasy XIII-2. In the cutscene where the yellow lines emerge from the chaos and try to grap Lightning, is written in them “PRAY FOR JAPAN” with FFXIII alphabets. They were added in them after the Earthquake happened in Japan back in 2011.


While exploring the building, assassinating people and hacking computers & doors you might have found something interesting from one office! Like you can see it’s FINAL FANTASY XXVII (27) poster! Is Square Enix already teasing about their 27th Final Fantasy game!? Hah, maybe not!

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

Lazard is browsing Youtube and watching a video on Sephiroth – or maybe it’s just one of our commercial?!


Were you more stubborn than a grumpy mule? Yes? Then you may know what this is about! In the very beginning of Final Fantasy IX the characters are planning to kidnap the princess and the leader asks you do what you need to do. If you don’t get it right even after 60 times of trying, you will get a surprising answer!

FF4Developers_Room_(Sakaguchi)FINAL FANTASY IV

Developer’s Office is a secret location in games set in the world of Final Fantasy IV. The Developer’s Office is populated by different characters that represent the development team of the game. By talking to them, you will get information on their role in the game’s development and fight against them in special battles.


Who said there couldn’t be funny Easter Eggs in movies as well? The team of the Spirit Within hid a very Michael Jackson inspired surprise in bonus DVDs… THRILLER!

6306_10151480481967221_432400560_nNow we have come to the end of this article and here are all Easter Eggs we found! How many have you found? Share your favorite game/movie Easter Eggs on comments! Happy Easter for everyone!

Thanks Jeremie for your help!

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  1. Never noticed the 13 one (of course because it’s going so fast). Though in crisis core I did notice sephiroth, but I took it as them just looking at a file in him. When i play the other ones I’ll look for those things. Thx =)

  2. The dancers in Edea’s parade in FFVIII were also based on MJ’s Thriller, I think. I guess SE really likes him ;P

  3. oh wow – i had no idea about the first one! – and its no surprise its hard to find/notice since it flies past the screen quite quickly and is in the XIII alphabet lol
    I liked the easter egg in Deus Ex – the poster also appears again in some places later on in the game – i really do like the design of it too – it would be funny also if the character shown would be in FFXXVII :p
    AHAHA!! – you know ive played through Crisis Core like 50 times – i didnt even see that one!! xD – lmao! – on my next playthrough i’ll be sure to find it xD
    I havent played FF9 but when i do i’ll keep an eye out for that one :p
    Ive been to the developer office in IV – they should add them in every FF game as a bonus :p
    ah yes the thriller dance – i remember that :)
    I know about a secret mini game in FF2 – think theres one in the first game too
    I remember in FF1 there being a tombstone which says ”Here lies Link” – think it was in the remake (PSP) that it had the dates with it lol
    Theres also one in Dissidia 012 (it mightve been in the first one too but i only noticed it in the 2nd one) – in each of the guys stories, theres one chest thatll contain a specific amount of Gil – for Cloud 1997 Gil, Firion 1988 Gil and so on – it shows the year in which their respective games came out :p
    Im sure ive seen more but cant think haha

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