Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster

Final Fantasy X HD E3 2013 Screenshots

Square Enix has released a huge bunch of brand new Final Fantasy X HD screenshots! Enjoy!10883Final Fantasy X_screenshots_E3 2013_007 10886Final Fantasy X_screenshots_E3 2013_010 10887Final Fantasy X_screenshots_E3 2013_011 10880Final Fantasy X_screenshots_E3 2013_004 10881Final Fantasy X_screenshots_E3 2013_005 10882Final Fantasy X_screenshots_E3 2013_006 10889Final Fantasy X_screenshots_E3 2013_01310884Final Fantasy X_screenshots_E3 2013_00810885Final Fantasy X_screenshots_E3 2013_009 10890Final Fantasy X_screenshots_E3 2013_014 10877Final Fantasy X_screenshots_E3 2013_001 10878Final Fantasy X_screenshots_E3 2013_002 10879Final Fantasy X_screenshots_E3 2013_003 10891Final Fantasy X_screenshots_E3 2013_015


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  1. Am I the only one disappointed with Tidus&Yuna’s faces? I’m not hating. I love what they’ve done so far with the game but I can’t get pass those faces.. They look almost too generic to be the Tidus and Yuna I’m used to

    • No – i know what you mean :l
      The originals were alot better – they remodeled them both – gonna take some time to getting used to!

  2. Damn son! – looking soooo good!
    Those backgrounds are stunning in full detail! – can remember them being a little blurry in the original so a big improvement here!
    Man…..lately ive been having a huge urge to play FFX again! – but im holding it off till this thing is out – so hard to contain it – my body is ready :D

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