Final Fantasy

Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV will be released for PS4 and Xbox One

Today, Square Enix announced at their private “The Future of Final Fantasy” -event that Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III will be both released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox one.  New details were also shared from both titles.


  • Looks like it will be more male focused game but Square Enix will follow fans’ feedback.
  • It felt natural to bring the game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as long as Final Fantasy XIII and XI were already released for both consoles.
  • The game will be very action based and less RPG. They feel that the new direction fits better to XV. Every FF is different, right?
  • Releasing sequels for XV is possible because the universe of the game is huge.
  • The main staff of Versus didn’t change significantly after changing the title number and moving to the next-gen development.
  • In new trailer Noctis is swimming underwater in the leviathan battle scene.
  • The city looks like a modern city with Venetian like architecture.
  • Stealth will likely be included in the game like in Lightning Returns.
  • The combat is very similar to Kingdom Hearts.

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Kingdom Hearts III:

  • Sora is now more mature and will go off on a brand new adveture with Donad, Goofy and Mickey.
  • New Disney worlds will be included.
  • Disney is super excited about the third part.
  • Will keep the tradition of the series: delivering amazing stories and gameplay to fans.
  • Being developed by the team in Osaka – 1.5 & BBS team – Not Nomura’s.

Thanks to our friend site, RPGSite, for all the great details and information from the E3 event we couldn’t participate in!

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  1. ”Releasing sequels for XV is possible because the universe of the game is huge.”
    O_O oh please do :D
    ”The city looks like a modern city with Venetian like architecture.”
    It actually kinda reminded me of Venice :)
    ”New Disney worlds will be included.”
    Really cant wait to see which ones :D – i have my own theories :p
    (Sword in the Stone, Pocahontas, the Jungle Book, Lilo and Stitch – and of course there are some old worlds returning too)

  2. Damn – shouldve been exclusive ;p
    But it doesnt bother me :)
    I can foresee KH3 not doing too well on the Xbox One – well…..thats if anyone buys it lol

    • Well if there’s people out there like me who were going to buy a ps4 so they could play kh3 and ffxv, but now have the chance to play it in xbox. There might just be a lot of xbox buyers who are happy to know that these games are coming to xbox (me included). I played these series on ps2 so I’m familiar with both series, I’m also used to both controllers so for me I’m stuck back at square one, which console am I going to buy. =)

      • True – but generally the fan base over there for FF and even KH isnt great – so i dont see much enthusiasm from Xbox gamers (well those who are going to buy the Xbox One) – and tbh alot of Xbox players are moving over to the PS4 because of what MS has been doing to the Xbone – so FF15 and KH3 will thrive for sure on PS4 but not so much on Xbox One
        I’ll be getting it on the PS4 :p

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