Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Returns “Music Clip” Trailer Features New Music and Scenes!

Square Enix has released new trailers for Lightning Returns, earlier reported “making of”  and this brand new “music clip” trailer.  New trailers have new music and  never-before-seen scenes for the game. Mitsuto Suzuki has also revealed new details on his official blog that they will be releasing a new special remix for Lightning Returns on iTunes tomorrow, 13th fo July!

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  1. I’m loving the new music. There seems to be an intense depth that wasn’t present in the first one. :)

    On a side note, I wonder what Snow thinks of his (ex?)sister-in-law’s appearance. She appears outta nowhere, surrounded by chaos and light, and seemingly starts attacking people. Maybe he really believes she’s the one who’s going to destroy the world like Noel does. :(

  2. Now I see why Snow runs away from Lightning she just slammed one of his people to the ground and saved or took their soul (hard to tell because people you slam on the floor means your not on friendly terms with them). There’s a reason behind it I know it just looked a little funny.

    • haha, yeah. “Hey there, this how I say hello!” *slams guard into the ground*

      I can’t wait until we see the entirety of this scene. It’s going to be so cool!!

  3. Nice! – quite tense aswell – feels like this music will be played in a boss fight
    Did i just see Lightning perform Omnislash (Version 5?) at the end there? – looks like it or im just imagining it because ive recently finished playing FF7 xD

    • Ya I thought it looked like omnislash to cuz that’s what cloud dose to Sephy. But I think it’s just one of lights moves (who knows they may call it omnislash). Though in that move Lightning is flying from side to side, cloud just appears all over the place (but that’s probably because of bad graphics XD ).

      • haha – well since theyve included Clouds costume i wouldnt be surprised if they added Omnislash aswell lol :p

        • It’s her new version of army of one. Remember how in XIII-2 they changed it to legion of one? this is the new version.

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