Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII


Today Square Enix released the first in a three-part video series that goes into the heart of the SQUARE ENIX 1st Production Department like never before.

“Inside The Square” gives a first-ever video look inside the studio bringing LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII to reality, where the talented development team members give insights into the creation of the game.

LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII will be available for the Xbox 360® and PlayStation®3 on February 11, 2014 in North America and February 14, 2014 in Europe.

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  1. haha xD – yeah if the game ends – having built up the idea that these 2 characters will end up together but then nothing happens >.< – lol im a tomboy too xD – im not huge on romantic things either – if there is or isnt any then im totally fine with it :)

    • Yeah we all ready have a prediction that’s like probably not going to happen XD ( a fifty fifty chance). Its just those ladies shouldn’t have been all we’ll have to see about it. I guess we’ll just have to be patient and wait for the game ( cuz I don’t want to become a raging fan girl if my prediction is wrong XD).

        • Yeah lucky them they get the game a whole 3 months before us =/. But I get mine on the 11 of February and earlier if I take advantage of Game Stops get it at midnight before it comes out the next day. =)

          • Yeah >.< – we'll have to avoid major spoilage once its out there – hope i'll get mine early – be awesome :D

          • Oh yeah once it hits November I won’t even pay attention to any LR news XD. No way am I going to have the opening or closing scene spoiled for me. I’ll stay strong and not let the story be completely spoiled for me XD

          • Thank you so much John makes me feel a lot safer. But after the article that tells me about the US special edition pre order, I’ll definitely not pay attention to LR news =)

  2. Wait – @3.25 – that looked like someone new – the girl being ‘sacrificed’? – is she the new character perhaps? :)
    Love watching behind the scenes – its so interesting and cool to watch :D – i have one for FFX – be awesome if SE released more of these onto DVD or a disc would come free with the game :3
    ”….in seeing their relationship grow…” – is she implying something ;) – maybe at the end of the game :p

    • That would be interesting if she were the news character. But after Lightning saves her from being rescued I wonder how she would be an aid to Lightning. As for that Hope and Lightning relationship part that actually kinda scared me XD I mean he’s a kid again, and I know that they can turn him older in the end. I’ve always seen him as a kid or young guy now they make him this really brainy kid/25 year old XD. But yeah I’m really interested in what SE is going to do =)

      • Yeah most likely – people that you rescue tend to help you out later lol – i remember someone telling me a while back that in the Ultimania book it mentioned that Hope has a ‘longing’ for Lightning O.o – uummm xD – if he returns to his adult form (im guessing he will) in the end i can understand if they end up together – but at the same time it will be very weird lol – i know that they said that Light will be happy in the end – will this be a hint to it? :p

        • Lol u got a point there at the end that might happen. But yeah when those ladies mention they were looking forward to seeing their (Hope and Lightnings) relationship grow, did u see they got all squirmy and smiley, so it was like they were suggesting it. I’m not a Hope and Light shipper but if they made him back to his older version then I don’t mind I guess ( I like his older version :p ). =)

          • I know! haha – and they made it sound like it was going to happen – said ”we’ll have to wait and see…” – no same – i dont ship anyone – i always go by the script – but there are times where i see a couple in game that i find dont go together well – like Snow and Sereh (better with Noel imo) – haha so do i xD – adult Hope ftw xD

          • That’s funny though the same about Snow and Serah, especially in 13-2 (Noel would have been better ^-^). Yeah same here I like to stick to the script, it also helps with less drama if I just fallow the story if I was always hoping for some to get together or do some thing else, I think that’s when I’d end up as one of those whinny fan girls XD I’m also a tom boy so going with out romance in LR is ok with me, but if there is some it won’t hurt me none =)

  3. That was really interesting to see. I always love behind the scenes stuff. Its funny though the people at SE keep saying stuff like I can’t wait to see what this character going to b like (something along those lines). But wouldn’t they know since their creating the game XD, either that or their not told anything and work in their separate fields. =)

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