Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning to Get Tidus’ Sword and Yuna’s Outfit from Final Fantasy X-2

yunabannerThat’s right! Lightning will be getting  even more Final Fantasy X saga themed goods for her last adventure in the world of Nova Chrysalia. It isn’t totally new news that Lightning is getting Yuna’s default costume from Final Fantasy X. However, a new Asian preview video revealed something we hadn’t seen before – Lightning wielding Tidus’ brotherhood sword and Yuna’s outfit from Final Fantasy X-2!

It still remains unknown will the new garb and weapon be included in Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster or are they being sold separately as DLC. Anyway, check out the video showing Lightning cosplaying Yuna!

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  1. It’d be nice to see her as other FF characters as well, like Beatrix from 9. I bet those two would get along great! XD

  2. There you go…..we have come to a full circle where Lightning is Square Enix’s new pet mascot….end of story……SMH SMH

    • I really don’t have anything against Lightning or XIII in general. In fact I enjoy the games. But I agree with you. FFX is my favorite game. I’m so excited for the remaster but they could have done so much better (so much faster) if their efforts weren’t all expended on LR. In the time it’s taken them they could have remade the whole thing, but fans will have to settle for their favorite characters stuff (looking all pretty in current gen graphics) on Lighting. And in the time they’ve invested trying to make Lightning the new face of FF, they could have redone the other 12 that still exist.

      • I think FFx’s team is a completely different team from LR’s team, meaning LR’s development has nothing to do with how long FFx’s development is taking. They themselves at Square said when each development team looks at the other teams work on the games they get inspired to keep working, this is also a reason why they have cross gaming outfits. I guess who ever is working on X is just taking their time. =)

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