Final Fantasy


Final Fantasy VIII 05Square Enix announced today the Steam release of the new downloadable PC version of the popular role-playing adventure, FINAL FANTASY® VIII at a price of €12.99 / £9.99 / $11.99.

First released in 1999, FINAL FANTASY VIII introduced multiple new features building on the staggering success of its predecessor. The fastest-selling FINAL FANTASY title up until FINAL FANTASY XIII, the game has gone on to sell over 8.5 million copies across platforms worldwide.  With an emotional score by the renowned Nobuo Uematsu and including the vocal piece, “Eyes on Me”, performed by Faye Wong, this is one of the most beloved entries in the FINAL FANTASY series. Delivering a powerful and sentimental story, players will follow the path of six elite military cadets, who’ll ultimately put their differences aside to combat a hidden threat that has gripped the country of Galbadia.

Optimised for modern HD PCs and fully integrated with the Steam platform, this version includes a range of new features such as a Magic Booster enabling players to increase their inventory of spells, Steam cloud support, and 45 integrated achievements to encourage players to explore various facets of the game. Also included is the Chocobo World, previously unavailable to Western players on the original release. For full details please visit

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  1. The memories! This was my first FF game; I was 10 or 11, and I fell in love with it! Seeing the opening video and watching the characters use magic and summons left me completely dazzled. It was like a whole new world had opened up for me. It also helped that part of my family came from a military background as well! XD

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