Square Portal’s Christmas Music Collection

Roman~Vorspiel X’mas Edit SaGa Frontier II

Merry Christmas from Square Portal!

To celebrate the special season, we have built a small Christmas music collection that includes remixes of various songs from Square Enix’s games. If you’re tired with all these traditional songs that have been playing around the stores and radios 24/7 since the beginning of December, this will hopefully turn your Christmas mood on!

Final Fantasy Theme [Xmas Remix]

The songs of the collection are mostly from “Xmas Collection I” (from Square Enix) but we also included two brand new song from recently released “X’mas Collection II”.

You can download the brand new and old Christmas collection album from here, if they please you.

Impatience [Xmas Edit]

The Savior’s Words ~ Nova Chrysalia [Xmas Remix]

Chocobo’s Happy Christmas

Wind Scene (from Chrono Trigger) [Xmas Remix]

Botshaft [Xmas Remix]

Gold Saucer ~ The Highwind Takes to the Skies [Xmas Remix]

Mystic City Geo [Xmas Remix]

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