Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Introducing the Cast of Lightning Returns [New Artwork & Screenshots]

We’re very happy to present a huge amount of brand new screenshots and gorgeous artwork from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy. This time Square Enix introduces the whole cast of the game and provides new screenshots and information on Caius and Yeul. This post contains the same information as the screenshots are providing, so no big spoilers here.

Yeah that’s right! “The antagonists” of Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be back in Lightning Returns but their roles have changed. Instead of fighting, Yeul begs Lightning to free Caius from the chaos that is controlling him. It seems like Caius, Snow and Noel are suffering the same fate and are jailed to this curse. Lightning’s mission is to save them or die trying. I wonder, will they eventually turn in her allies during the story? That remains a secret.

And finally we get a first look to Vanille and her a bit upgraded outfit! In the development film, Kitase teased that she may have a big role during the story of the game! The new burqa like head accessory may be teasing of her being some sort of cult leader or something. Or perhaps a martyr? What do you think?

New Tokyo Games Show trailer should be out soon…. (If there is one…)

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  1. Has anyone noticed the design of the Burqa thing Vanille is wearing on her head? It has 2 silver horns (1 on each side) and they bend in the exact same way that the red dragon’s horns do from the tutorial demo. I wonder if that’s some sort of sign that implies the dragon being some sort of deity that the people of Luxerion worship, or if it’s some sort creature related to their religion in some way.

    But then again, that dragon was never fought in Luxerion now was it? If I remember correctly, you encounter Lumina and the dragon in the same city that you find Snow in, which is Yusnaan. Perhaps the horns symbolize a higher being. Maybe the thing that threatens to destroy the world? Hmm.

    • I’m not sure about the dragon thing since Lumina does call the dragon when she’s close to were Snow was. But the head dress has to b something special, cuz u don’t put Vanille in that pose and head dress for nothing XD. I was thinking something that might b close to what Yule is, because if u look at the sides of Yules head dress they have a leaf pattern that points up like the horns do. Or something that’s connected that has to deal with Serahs situation. At least that’s what I’m guessing =).

  2. Yes!! – Caius! – he returns – my day has been made! :D
    I feel like itll be the end of him though in this game :c – unless theres some elaborate twist where his powers are taken away and he becomes mortal, perhaps the same for Yeul – and they can live normal lives – so his life is spared
    Some great screens! – nice to see theyve added something new to Vanilles costume – if only they did the same for Sazh, Fang, Hope, Dazh and Noel :p

  3. Made my day. I always like to see the area shots, it looks like there’s lots to explore. And Vanilles head thing kinda reminds me of the Yules head thing (sorry don’t know what to call it). I just hope Vanille doesn’t pop up in random places telling you that her and Lightning are the same XD. Thanks for the news =).

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