Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

No Promotional Theme Song for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

0stlightning_returnsThe official Japanese Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Twitter account made a big announcement this morning by revealing Lightning Returns won’t be getting a promotional theme song unlike the earlier releases of Final Fantasy XIII series. However, the game will be getting a very own ending theme(s) composed by all three composers.


The earlier theme songs have been sung by various artists such as Leona Lewis (My Hands), Charice (New World), Fukui Mai (Yakusoku no Basho) and Sayuri Sugawara (Kimi Ga Iru Kara). Other artist have also performed on the soundtrack, for example, Mina from Imeruat, Joelle, Kokia, Frances Maya and Shootie HG.

What do you think about this decision? Shocked? Happy? Could the ending theme be more personal now since it’s 100% composed for the game and not bought for the extra promo? If the theme song did happen, who should have sung it?

Post your thoughts on the comments while listening to KIMI GA IRU KARA!

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  1. I loved all the theme songs for Final Fantasy series. I was hoping for the japanese group call supercell or SID to sing the theme song. I hope that its time for no more single female lead singer but sung as a group this time round.

  2. It’s probably for the best because every time they got some one to sing their ending songs, it seemed they had a lot of complaints. So its a smart move for them, now their die heart fans can’t complain. I think though it was a nice personal move on their part, like saying good by to Lightning. :’)

    • I think they made a wise move as well. While I’ve always enjoyed the ending songs, I think, because this is the final game, that an instrumental conclusion is best. That orchestral atmosphere will be more emotionally charged and less distracting during the ending. Ha, more like a movie, now that I think of it! Irony! XD

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