Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Live Action Trailer to Premiere 16/11

Starting November 16, a new Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII live action trailer will start to air on Japanese TV. The new live action trailer is a combination of live action and CGI, and will also include some sort of costume changing – just like in the game itself!

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be launched on November 21 in Japan and next year in Europe. Only on PS3 and X360!


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  1. I really love Lightning to death and those pics are simply amazing. But I can’t shake the feeling that they are trying way to hard to milk every think they can out of Lightning…

    • Yeah, that thought had crossed my mind, too… I’ve never known for one of their games to get so much press/attention before. I know they are infatuated with Light, but could it also be because they are trying to win over the naysayers in their fanbase?

      • I think because they like Lightning so much, they want to win over her haters to. They don’t like the thought of someone disliking Lightning (which I don’t blame them). Interested in what we’ll see tomorrow though.

      • I agree with what both you and v3ronica7 said but I know a lot of 13 haters and even though they thought Lightning was cool its really easy for someone that really hated 13 to get sick of seeing her everywhere lately. I even have some friends that liked her and that think that’s way too much exposure.

        • I think all of us Lightning fans knew Lights outfit exposed to much. And if SE were to stay close to Lightnings dress code, or have her in something that covered her all the way, I think she would have even less haters. And who knows, even the people who hated 13 but liked Lightning might actually have given this game a try, but they see Lightning as some fans service now. Lightnings still my favorite character, I just wish SE went about dressing her differently ( my opinion but I think she probably would’ve gotten even more fans this time around if they stuck to her usually covered body and not make it look like fan service). Oh well still amped for this game XD

          • Although I think chainedsky meant too much “publicity” instead of “exposure,” (unless she/he really meant skin exposure) I do agree with you about the outfit. There used to be an edited fanart version floating around tumblr which I thought was more practical for Light, but I can’t seem to find it. For one, she had pants! :D

            I can see the parts that were XIII and the parts that were XIII-2, but regarding Lightning’s dress code, I think the only thing *she* would allow is leg exposure. On the other hand, the fact that it looks like she’s wearing a leather leotard does fit the whole “speed” angle that they tend to place Japanese characters in; she looks…like a ninja in a way, with the white cape to emphasize her “elegance”. But as for Light, I’d say she’d be wearing something closer to XIII, but with the darker color scheme. Makes me *very* happy that there are more conservative options to choose from, because those seem more like Light. While many people go for sexy, I think modesty is more alluring/mysterious because it shows she knows who she is, is serious about her mission, and is equipped to face anything that comes her way.

          • Aww that exposure, didn’t think of it that way. Yeah I did see the photo shopped version of the outfit before (like u I can’t remember were I saw it). I like the cape and sleeve area, as u said she dose tend to expose the leg area, but other parts were like bit different from what we’re use to seeing. I’ll defiantly be looking for that dragoon outfit. And even though her main outfit has some quirks, it defiantly won’t ruin the game for me, can’t wait to play. XD

    • Doubt it, given that the whole team has been saying this is Lightning’s farewell party that ends on a positive home. Still, seeing Lightning in a live-action makes you dream. I might have enjoyed the stories even more (if that were possible) if they were a special movie trilogy, or maybe one movie (XIII), a TV series (XIII-2) and another movie to round things off (LR).

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