Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

The Final Design of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Collector’s Edition Guide

Here is the final design of Lightning Returns Collector’s Edition guide! The book continues following the same black color scheme but doesn’t have the same leather like texture as the package of the original soundtrack.
710CvQ9xx7L._SL1500_The guide is from the same team as the earlier ones. It includes over 300 pages information about secrets, unlockables, New Game+ bonuses and walkthroughs for all missions. There’re also very detailed Bestiary and Inventory guides that reveal all the weaknesses of enemies and item locations, for example.

The book also has a trophy & achievement guide for the hunters and information on the strategies and different kinds of analysis that give useful information about game’s key systems and features.

The limited edition book has an extra 32-page section with additional and exclusive features.

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  1. Looks gorgeous. Planning to pre-order this, since it said somewhere that it was a limited edition. It will be a great read, and I can’t wait for the special 32 pages. I am expecting squeal-worthy goodies within.

    • Agreed! A bit worried it will look perhaps too different to the two earlier ones when placed next to ’em on the shelf. But it’s Lightning own journey after all! I really hoped they had used the same cool leather texture as with the OST.

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