Square Enix is Planning to Reveal Something Awesome Today

Update: The awesome surprise seems to the new Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – Retro-spective Trailer.

Square Enix Events has started to tease about some sort of reveal on their Twitter account. According to them, it will be pleasing for “the fans of awesome” – Let’s hope the fans of great and good are also satisfied by this special reveal.

But what could it be about? New trailer or teaser of next-gen Hitman/Tomb Raider game? Or perhaps it’s about Thief, which is Square Enix’s first real next-gen game? Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix release date? Final Fantasy Type-0 for PSVita?

The reveal will be happening on the Square Enix Presents YouTube channel at some point today. More info will be coming soon. We will keep you updated.

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  1. Please let it not be yet another mobile remake, but.. I’m not holding my breathe. Still, even if it’s just a Vita version of Type-0, that would bring new hope for a Western release given the upturn in the Vita’s fortunes.

  2. If its a western release of Type-0….. :0
    Would also be cool if anything new about FF15 came out aswell – been a bit quiet on that side for a while now

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