Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Tomb Raider DLC Coming for Lightning Returns? *Screenshots Added*

Is Square Enix planning to release Tomb Raider DLC for Lightning Returns?

UPDATE: In-game screenshots added! It seems Lightning will be getting to use Lara’s climbing axe, at least! It still remains unknown will this be DLC with Lara’s outfit. It’s also possible that a save data of Tomb Raider will unlock this weapon.


The latest documentary trailer of Lightning Returns includes footage of a climbing axe similar to the ones used in Tomb Raider games . Lara Croft’s climbing axe was presented during the showcase of different kinds of shields and swords.

This made us wonder, will there be Tomb Raider DLC in Lightning Returns in the future since the weapon inventory also had weapons from other DLC garbs. Still, there is always possibility that the weapon was just an easter egg since the definitive edition of Tomb Raider was released last week.


Thank you Blackdolldoll for the screenshot hints! ;)

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