Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII


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  1. This game is so fun and awesome. I love playing it. It feels like a different world, yet at the same time familiar. Those of you who maybe thinking about it, don’t think another second (time is precious XD) get the game get it. Loving it so much. Fun and VERY interesting. =)

  2. That was a fantastic trailer to celebrate the launch of this game. Absolutely loved the narration at the intro and the ending with the scenes from each game. So many feelings, so many memories, and now it’s time to meet the end.

  3. Yeah I’ve been waiting for pretty much 2 years for this game to rap up. Since to be continued came across the screen XD. Man my package is in Texas some where (last I knew) hope it at least gets here by tomorrow. Can’t wait and have fun to those of you who have the game. I’m so glad I finished my little side job, because now when I get home from my main job, I can hop right on my game and play. XD

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