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Language’s Red Single Out Now Worldwide | Language x Square Portal

Are you ready for some indie music goodness!?
Language’s Red Single is out now – worldwide!

You can pick up the new Red Single which contains two songs, Silencia and Soft Moments, only for €1.45/$2.00/£1.19  from BandCamp. The tracks are available in many formats, from normal quality MP3 to superior FLAC. Red Single is also available on iTunes for €2.59.

By critics, Red Single is described as “a great electronic journey, which takes its listener through the mysterious and ambient outerspace. It combines modern sounds to the past, even brings cool video game music influence to it.” The vocals are praised for being “very soft and dark at the same time, bringing something cool even to indie music scene.” When talked about the production quality: “If this was a single album released, for example, by Daft Punk, it would be praised and already on the top. Language did something really amazing with Silencia and Soft Moments.”

Who are they?

Language is an electronic pop band from Tokyo, Japan formed in 2009. The band consists of Kaori (Vocal), Yosuke Kakegawa(Guitar/Computer), Naoyuki Honzawa(Bass/Computer). They play and produce music with hybrid manner of both electronic and live sounds inspired by eclecticism through a diversity of their musical backgrounds including dance music, electronica and indie rock.


Square Portal staff was very impressed by Language’s previous work on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and with Magure and Northern Lights albums. That’s why, we’ve planned special projects such as an interview with the band! In it, we will be talking about their new music and work on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and how did working with Final Fantasy and Mitsuto Suzuki feel. More information about this project coming soon!

One of our editors created cool wallpapers out from Red Single’s cover. Feel free to use them!

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