Square Portal Gets A New Look For Fall 2014


It’s the editor-in-chief here! For the next two weeks, we will be experimenting with the site. There’s no need be scared if things change while browsing the site, it’s just because we are trying new variations and perhaps adding new features! All issues you experience within the next two weeks are completely normal.

I really hope you will enjoy this new look because in my opinion it’s more sleek than ever before! Browsing through the content will be faster and there’s lots of to click – even on the front page!

If you have anything to say about this new update, post all your positive and negative thoughts to the comments section! Your feedback really helps us to improve the site! Remember that the best commenter of the month will be rewarded with a copy of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn [PS4].

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  1. Already mentioned this on Twitter ;) … but seeing a new design is always refreshing to see! This one specifically is clean, neat, very organised and a nice use of space. I love the homepage, it’s full of information, bold, and the banners give the site great, appealing colour that makes it stand out.

    It’s always nice to see something new and for you even to have a go at a brand new take on things, practicing and experimenting to see what works best :)

    • Cheers! I am really glad seeing you liking this new look! I have to admit I am rather happy with it as well, even though I always find something to improve. Finding the perfect look and theme will be a long journey and with each update and step forward, we will finally end up with something that works amazingly well! Perhaps the look V129 will reach my craziest dreams! Some mistakes happen time to time but without them and other risks it’s impossible to create something great! :)

      Hopefully the site continues improving and pleasing you in the future as well!

  2. Wow what an amazing new layout! I really love it! It was certainly a refreshing and surprising experience while familiar and easy to the eye. I really like the way you did it guys. Keep it that way! It’s awesome haha :)

  3. Loving the new look so much! It’s so fresh, light and sleek! The new comments writing section also pleases me a lot. I’ll be telling more my thoughts once I have tried this with my mobile devices! Keep up with the good work!

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