Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV Anniversary Illustration Countdown Features Amazing Artworks by the Art Team

Feast your eyes on a new, breathtaking illustration every day until the anniversary of A Realm Reborn from the talented art team!

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  1. Tetsuya nomura is a great Artist, but his style actually disappoints me nowadays. I am kinda tired of his honorable mentions, and he name plastered on the front end of a FF game. I mean i don’t care who the artist is, if the game is good it makes up for everything. In my own opinion i don’t want his styles in anymore final fantasy games. They seem come off as repetitive rehash of ideas. I want to see the FF games make a comeback, not drown because of a guy who’s name sells anything SE(his batman sucked).

  2. I really like the one with the birthday presents and stuff! It’s really cute ^^ Good artwork in general but who drew it? I think that it’s slightly worse than Tetsuya’s awesome drawings which I love soooo much!

  3. I love the Art for this Game! I gotta hand it to the art team for making just love looking at the game as much playing it.

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