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New Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Gameplay Videos

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  1. This series is all over place though which made it difficult to play them all. Story aside they are all fun. However u prefer the first one and the prequel too it( no sequels to sequels unless they be prequels)

  2. Wow nice! I’ve got into Kingdom of Hearts because of some friends talking to me all day about it’s story. I decided to give it a try since they were acting like it was such a big deal, at first I thought I wouldn’t like it but after trying a few of it’s titles, I can’t wait for the newest ones! Especially Kingdom of Hearts 3!

      • Haha I’m very sorry! I always mix it up… even if I’ve been a fan of a series for a few years now… My hands go by themselves and feel that “Kingdom of Hearts” is more natural… I’m sorry!

  3. To be honest it just About looks the same, just a little smoother at best. But I look forward to this game nonetheless. I just hope that birth by sleep keeps its online functionality. I am pretty i cant use adhoc party ini tandem with 2.5 remix.

  4. It almost looks brand new :o
    Man….so many memories, fun and nostalgia kicking in – really pumped for when this comes out :3
    I remember the day i got KH2 – when it got released – never been so excited and emotional to play a game aha

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