Completing Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae May Take Up to Three Hours, And More

Square Enix Japan has revealed that the Episode Duscae will be about an hour-long demo, but finishing it could take up to three hours, if the player explores the whole area and a dungeon. The demo is named after an area known as “Duscae”. As seen in the TGS14 trailers, players will be able to travel by a car, which can be set to an auto-pilot mode or you can drive it by yourself. Chocobos might be included in the demo, but it’s still under consideration.

Episode Duscae won’t have any big boss battles because they are meant to be something special in the game, so the developers wanted to save them for the final product. Remember the huge Adamantoise from the new trailer? You can fight it in the game, but that will taking a long time until you are able to beat it.

There has been some confusion about the release of Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae and Square Enix wanted the to clarify the situation a bit. They are trying to deliver the demo the same day as Final Fantasy Type-0 HD launches, but it’s not completely sure do they have enough time for that. If the demo isn’t available on the same day, it will be released soon after that.

Final Fantasy Type-0 will be available on March 17 in North America, March 19 in Japan, and March 20 in Europe. A downloadable playable demo of Final Fantasy XV will be included as a special bonus.

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