Final Fantasy XV Essentials from the Talk Show

finalfantasyhxwallpaperThe official translation is still on its way, that’s why we thought to build a list of all essential information the developers revealed about Final Fantasy XV during today’s talk show. It will be in the list form, but you can expect us an article once Square Enix has added subtitles to their video.

  • E3 vid last year was prototype, now it’s the real deal, and they haven’t compromised on the battle abilities at all.
  • Noctis is the only playable character because they thought it would be too tricky to manage all characters.
  • You can jump!
  • The “Evade” button cannot be pressed for a long time because it’s a skill that uses MP.
  • There is a Parry command, which has to be used at very precise timing and can also trigger a coop action.
  • Tabata didn’t make the game “casual” but just wanted to make the battle commands accessible for all players.
  • Tabata is not afraid of criticism so he and his team will check fan’s reaction to the demo.
  • Tabata said his team has been trying its best to integrate everything from the Versus era, but he had to make some choices.
  • Originally the battle system was somehow close to Kingdom Hearts, but nowadays, it could be closer to Type-0. However Tabata stressed that FFXV’s battle system will really feel unique.
  • You can change your weapons from the main menu, and set a primary weapon. Weapons have specific skills attached to them.

Thanks to the French FFWorld for providing assist with translation work. We love you.



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  1. I assume the skills the weapons can have on them can be stuff like Break Damage Limit, Poison, etc. The fact that we can’t switch characters is disappointing, but I won’t lose any sleep over that

  2. You know the command assignments, single-playable character and other recent details reminds me of Persona 3: you only control Yuki/Aigis, assign action types to the three other characters and then perform your own actions (using an item/calling a persona/performing a normal attack/ect.) This sounds like an action-based eighth-gen Final Fantasy variation on that.

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