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Square Portal Plays Driveclub [Video]

Remember that survey about a month ago? We went through your feedback very carefully and were happy to see how positive experiences you have with our site. But that’s not enough for us! Since there’s quite huge demand for streams and let’s play videos, we are planning to bring you this content – slowly but steady. This time the video didn’t have a voice commentary, but it’s still under consideration and will likely happen at some point. And why non-Square Enix content? To give a better idea how the games industry is doing and give you a possibility to find new favorite games! This is also keeps our writing experience more refreshing – so it’s a win-win!

Today, we held a surprise streaming event for Driveclub, which isn’t even out yet in Europe! It’s a new racing video game for the PlayStation 4 that is developed by Evolution Studios, which is well known from the WRC and the MotorStorm games. The event was over an hour long an showed the viewers missions from the beginning of the game. Check out the video below to see how well did Johnny pass his driving test! You can expect a review coming in a week or two or three or four week – very soon!

Driveclub is out tomorrow in Europe and the North American players can find the game from stores already! There’s also a free PS+ version available, so why not give it a go?

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