Square Enix’s Visual Works Creates A Special Movie for Hatsune Miku x Tetsuya Nomura Event

And the collaboration news continue! When we told you about a Hatsune Miku play art kai, we didn’t reveal the event where it was shown for the first time. It was simply called “Hatsune Miku x Tetsuya Nomura”, which is a part of Tetsuya Nomura and Square Enix’s tour for the New York Comic Con this week.

According to Famitsu’s report, the event started with an outstanding CGI video created by Square Enix’s talented Visual Works studio. After the video, Nomura made a guest appearance and explained a bit about his work on this project. He is not a man of many words but he was happy tell the project was something completely different than he has done before and being able to show the video instead of still images felt good since this was a long-awaited collaboration. Since it was surprisingly pleasant to work on this project, he wouldn’t be surprised if they collaborated again in the future.

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