Final Fantasy Type-0

Square Portal Radio: Final Fantasy Type-0 Original Soundtrack

The Final Fantasy Type-0 HD event in Paris Games Show is starting shortly and we will be reporting about the new announcements as they are revealed for the public. To celebrate the event, we have decided to build a small gallery of our favorite songs from Final Fantasy Type-0 soundtrack. We would love to hear your favorites too! Hit the comments section or tweet them to us!

Remember that Square Enix is doing a special Final Fantasy Type-0 HD live letter at 11GMT tomorrow. It’s possible Final Fantasy XV will make an appearance as well! We will be posting a separate article for the live stream tomorrow!

Final Fantasy Type-0 soundtrack is composed by Takeharu Ishimoto.

War: Howl of the Dreadnought

War: The Quiet Bloodbath (Long)

War: Depths of Naraku

Machina Kunagiri

That Which Quivers

Raise the Vermillion Banner

Human Strengths and Weaknesses

War: Recapture


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  1. These are my favorites.

    01. Servant of the Crystal
    02. Choosing How to Die
    03. Arecia Al-Rashia
    04. Machina Kunagiri
    05. Untained Eyes
    06. Rem Tokimiya
    07. War – Recapture
    08. That Which Stands in the Way
    09. The Azure Spirit
    10. Swaying Thoughts
    11. War – Depths of Naraku
    12. Zero

  2. Here are my nine:

    1: What Becomes of Us
    2: Peaceful Times
    3: Machina and Rem
    4: The Time of Finis
    5: Choose a Way to Die
    6: Arecia al-Rashia
    7: The Strategy for Recapture
    8: The Fires of Suzaku
    9: Time of the Foundation

  3. I absolutely love Weapons of White – my favourite type of music – it’s so cool and would definitely make battles that more awesome – first heard it when playing Theatrhythm CC – fell in love with it c:

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