Just Cause 3

The First Screenshots And Details From Just Cause 3 Arrive Online

Gameinformer has more exclusive screenshots and details to share with us today. They revealed that Just Cause 3 takes place several years after the previous entry in the series. The world and its people have changed too and players can even notice that Rico has significantly aged since the last time. Rico’s mission is to fight General Di Ravello, who has invaded the sun-drenched Mediterranean island republic of Medici.

The magazine reveals a few new details on Rico’s new equipment: now he has a grapple mechanic that allows him to hook onto nearly any objects and a new wing suit which allows him to reach high speeds while free falling. You could say that over the top action has become a trademark for the Just Cause series and the sequel continues on this legacy. Controls are being fine tuned and vehicle handling will be more fun, especially now that ex-members of the Burnout team have come to help them developing these mechanics.


Just Cause 3 features a 400 square mile map. The developers are planning to let players explore any of the three main areas from the beginning. Since the map will be huge, there will be an option for fast travel, but it’s unlocked after taking over the enemy areas.

Gameinformer promises more details, screenshots and videos later on! Just Cause 3 will be released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC next year!

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