Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Project: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Week


They must not be forgotten…

Next week we will be celebrating the 1st anniversary of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. That’s right! On 21st November, it will be exactly one year since the game was first released in Japan. Since we know many of our readers are enthusiastic about the thirteenth saga, we planned a little project to celebrate the game one more time together.

We would like to see you sharing screenshots of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and tweeting them to the developers (@FF25th_JP & @LRFF13) next week. By including the #TheThirteenthFarewell hashtag to your tweets, we will showing them that we all are part of the same project. Let’s hope the devs will notice our efforts!

We will be going through the hashtag and retweeting our favorites, and also posting our own screenshots to encourage more people to join in this project! Thank you all for participating! Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII week starts on 17th November and ends 23th November.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Week Schedule:

  1. Play & Enjoy Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII!
  2. Capture screenshots and tweet them to developers (@FF25th_JP @LRFF13) with #TheThirteenthFarewell
  3. You can also add a personal message there, if you like!
  4. Encourage other fans to join our project!

We may have some news to share about The Thirteenth Farewell soon too!

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  1. Ohh it has been almost a year that this game come out. Well ok only in Japan and took couple months longer to get us in the west. Loved it and perhaps play time looked a bit too much on my save game (+160h or something). :)

    Maybe it’s time to start the trilogy again from the first thirteen title. I think that Lightning was and is still the greatest character on this series and the battle system took a leap forward in every thirteen release.

  2. Hi, thanks 4 the event. Actually this is one of my favourite games! I love it and I have a lot of beautiful screens. Cheers :)

  3. I preordered and picked this game up on day one when it launched in Australia. Regrettably, due to study commitments, I haven’t had a lot of time through the year, but with my semester over, now I plan on starting my first play through ASAP. :)

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