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Final Fantasy VII Announced for PlayStation 4

banner Square Enix just announced that they are bringing Final Fantasy VII PC for PlayStation 4! More details coming soon!

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  1. Guys, it’s not a re-make. They just move Final Fantasy VII from PC to PlayStation 4. That’s all! It’s still the original version!!!!! Don’t be Fooled!!!!!

  2. When they mentioned bringing back FF7 for the PS4 – i immediately stopped what i was doing – thinking ”Oh shit! – its happening!!” – *le sigh* – one day we will have our remake…… one day :p
    If its a hard copy though i may just buy it – to add to my PS4 library, for memorabilia/collection purposes and for fun :)

  3. Hahahaha this was such an amazing troll! So looking forward to FFXV and other new quality Square Enix titles now! :)

  4. Don’t even bother trying to flog us a PC port of the game…
    We want a rebuilt from the base remake….
    Not amused at all…

    • Remakes aren’t interesting in my opinion. I am looking forward to them spending money on new experiments such as Final Fantasy XV. FFVII still looks amazing on PSVita – even on my TV and the old graphics have the charm we all love. A remake will likely appear as cold and meh for most of the fans and won’t be that pleasing experience as they remembered over 15 years ago.

      This was an amazing trolling from Square Enix. It was done with a tongue in cheek. Still amazed they got balls to do it!

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