Final Fantasy Type-0

New Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Screenshots & Key Art | Introducing Machina, Queen, Ace, Rem & Nine

Square Enix has published a new bunch of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. These “After Jump Festa 2015” screenshots are introducing five members from Class Zero: Machina, Queen, Ace, Rem and Nine.


ACE | BORN: 10th JULY | AGE: 16 | HEIGHT: 168cm | VA: Yūki Kaji

While he maintains a cool exterior, he has a tendency to act recklessly. However, he is a kind and gentle boy at heart and he loves chocobos. In the battlefield, he wields a magical card deck to damage enemies from the distance.

QUEEN | BORN: 24th JANUARY | AGE: 17 | HEIGHT: 165cm | VA: Ami Koshimizu

Upright, incorruptible, and intelligent. She has a straight-laced attitude like her dependable blade. A class president type that does not forgive injustice. Her knowledge of magic is impressive.

007-1NINE | BORN: 13th FEBRUARY | AGE: 17 | HEIGHT: 185cm | VA: Daisuke Ono

Enthusiastic and direct, he likes to quickly make black-and-white distinctions. He is the black sheep of Class Zero when it comes to exam results. However, when it comes to fighting in the battlefield, he is the top class.

004-1REM | AGE: 17 | HEIGHT: 160cm | VA: Ryoko Shiraishi

Rem is one of the recent members of Class Zero. She and Machina have known each other since forever and they used to attend the same class, Class Seven. She is a girl with a kind heart and pure morals, which makes her an awfully poor liar. The most funny thing is that she actually thinks she is good at lying, but she never fools her friends.


MACHINA | AGE: 17 | HEIGHT: 175cm | VA: Hiroshi Kamiya

Machina and Rem are the newest addition to Class Zero and they’re childhood friends. He is one of the most skilled fighters in the Academo and tries to improve himself constantly. As he is very self-motivated, Machina tends to feel a bt distant to others.




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