Square Enix Is Hiring an Online Game Planner for Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix is continuously looking for new eager people to work on their next blockbuster release, Final Fantasy XV. Now they have opened a position for an online game planner who will be part in making of a huge online world. Required skills for the job are positive attitude, great motivation and knowledge of Word, Excel and Powerpoint.  Other desired skills are experience of online management, game production, general management, game system designing and interests in PC gaming. Being a gamer is a a bonus too. The job summary also explains more about Final Fantasy XV and its groundbreaking technology, but doesn’t go into details too much.

So, what could this be? Since the job offer seems to be related to PC environments, it’s possible they are planning some sort of mini games which are playable on browsers. It’s also possible that they are developing unannounced online features to Final Fantasy XV, but that’s just our speculation. Possibilities that we will never hear about this are also high because this could be a concept, which will be cancelled eventually.

What kind of online features would you like to see in Final Fantasy XV? A 4-player co-op mode would be amazing, but that won’t likely happen. Post your ideas in the comments section!

Thank you for the news tip, J!

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  1. Anyway, Square-Enix will surprise us for sure, even if they’re not creating a Standalone online experience (I’m refering to GTAV once again).

    • Don’t worry, I bet we could create a friend group here if they decided to add a co-op mode for the game. I would love it since Final Fantasy XIV is so amazing when you’re playing it with your friends or your free company members. However, I am a bit skeptic there will be any major online mechanics – hopefully they will continue the trend they started with Lightning Returns and add a photo mode for the game. I know the PS4 has the share button, but adjusting and editing photos would be nicer with a build-in feature like in The Last of Us or Driveclub.

  2. You remember the gold saucer in FFVII, the attraction park in FFXIII and the casino-like in FFXIII-2, right? So my ideas, not about all these features, would be to add a online multiplayers attraction/casino where you could bet Gils in chocobo racing or ride one in a race between players. Where we would also be able to bet while playing the FFVIII style card game and a third feature where we could exchange items with other players. Or we could also just talk to other players while walking around.the place. They could also add a bus to make touristic tours with or friends around the country. Well I won’t elaborate more even if I have a lot more ideas. Because I want to see ideas from other poeple too! ;)

    Two comments combined together:

    I forgot to say something about players feature. We would have to create a online player similar to GTAV way. So it would be like a FFXV Online or something similar!

    • That would be amazing too and bring something new to these theme parks. Playing card games or doing chocobo races would be a nice way to spend time with my internet friends. Also I would love to see them adding end-game online dungeons where you could get some special accessories and weapons, and you could complete them with your friends / random players like in Final Fantasy XIV. That would be something that would define FFXV as an individual Final Fantasy title like the already announced open world mechanics.

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