Bravely Archive: D’s Report Announced | Details, Trailer & Screenshots


The Bravely series is heading to iOS and Android this year in Japan, announces Square Enix. Bravely Archive: D’s Report continues a few hundred years after the original game, but isn’t part of the mainline canon. D’s Report is set to a reimagined world of Luxendarc and tells an alternative story where things go a bit differently than they were originally planned. As the artwork indicates, the main protagonist will be a new librarian whose mission is to gather memories from sealed crystals and return their knowledge to The Library. During the journey, the player will meet new and familiar faces from the earlier Bravely games.

Each time a game series premieres on smartphones, the gameplay mechanics will be optimized for touch screens and given new twists, and D’s Report isn’t an exception. The game features a “Hold & Swipe” battle system where holding a finger on the character icon reveals its abilities such as attack, magic and defend. Similar to the previous Bravely games, there will be a large variety of jobs to choose from, each having unique abilities and skills.

A new mainline Bravely game will be launching on 23rd April 2015 in Japan. Bravely Second will be occurring several years after the events of the first game. It follows a story of Magnolia and the three musketeers from Crystal Orthodoxy Knights, whose missions is to protect Agnes who has taken over an important role as the pope of  the Crystal Orthodoxy. Agnes is working on bringing the peace between Eternia and Crystal Orthodoxy but the dream of peace is soon shattered when she gets kidnapped all the sudden – right before she were meant to participate in the peace treaty ceremony. The future which once seemed certain is now in danger.

The Western release for both games is yet to be revealed. It’s very likely Bravely Second will be launching in the West since the first entry’s success even surprised Square Enix.



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